Owner name withheld by request, June 25, 2011
""My biggest goal was to reach 1 million in sales, remodel on our ten year anniversary, and change our restaurant's image. I am happy to report with everything I learned from you, I accomplished all three of my goals. Now, my husband and I are getting ready to sell our restaurant to a group of private investors. Thanks, Jon!""

Tracy Hurt, Owner & Two-time BootCamp Attendee
Mary-Ellen's Florist, Mooresville, NC
"The BootCamp is a must for any business that wants to dominate their industry, not just their immediate market. Jon could charge 10 times as much for this seminar and you could still recoup your investment several times over. It is amazing, after 20 years in business and reading every business book, after seeing dozens of 'consultants' speak, I finally know the secret!!...I know without a doubt that I will DOUBLE, probably triple my business in the next 18 months."

Tracy Hurt, Owner, 3 years after the BootCamp
Mary Ellen's Florist, Mooresville, NC
"For years, I was taught that location, location, location was the most important aspect of a business. I learned that was wrong. I always wanted to move to a free-standing location, but after the BootCamp, I had the tools to be able to do it, and maintain the sales. I moved from a 3,000 square foot retail space in a traditional shopping center to a downtown building I purchased that was 10% larger, experienced a drop in overhead expenses of 60%, and I continue to build the sales of the business today."

John Kramb, Owner
Adams County Winery, Orrtanna, PA
"We were quite skeptical when we enrolled in the BootCamp, but that skepticism disappeared from the word go. Jon presented literally hundreds of thought-provoking idea-generating concepts...We started putting them into action the very day we returned from the BootCamp. We are delighted we did: In 9 months we attained a 64% increase in sales. Contact me personally if you have any doubts about this class at www.adamscountywinery.com."

Katherine Bigler, Owner
Adams County Winery, Orrtanna, PA
"What would I tell owners who are thinking about attending the BootCamp? I would tell them that before class, we were wondering how we could ever get our money’s worth. By noon the first day, we felt we already had! It’s a wonderful way to get revitalized and excited about your business again."

Greg Bonner, Owner
Heights Toy Center Inc., Little Rock, AR
"I just wanted to write and tell you thank you for a wonderful time I had at the Destination BootCamp. I had to let you know how much this has changed our outlook! I cannot believe how much I came away with. I was hoping for one or two great ideas. Instead I have hundreds. It is like I have a brand new business all over again."

Stewart Thompson, Owner
Martha's Bloomers, Navasota, TX
"The program seems to be set up as a reality check for any business operation. What a great way to get the business owner’s mind aligned with the business. A complete course in customer management! If it had not been for Jon Schallert and his Destination Marketing BootCamp, I am not sure where we would be today. Without Jon's help, I feet confident that we would be wandering somewhat aimlessly through business life. In a course of my business life (nearly 50-years) and attending probably over one-hunderd business conferences, there has never been any program designed so precisely to direct a destination business. Many people look at other successful businesses and wonder "How do they do it?" Jon Schallert shows you how! Not only that, he keeps us up to date with business marketing trends on a monthly basis. It is truly a great learning experience."

Ann Meeker, Co-Owner
The Pearl Button, Muscatine, IA
"The BootCamp is the single most important thing a business owner can do for their business. The BootCamp separates "the men from the boys". Decide what you want, if you want success, fun and excitement in your business life. GO TO THE BOOTCAMP! There wasn't a single minute when I was bored or my attention wandered. Sell your jewelry, borrow money from your ex, do whatever it takes to get here! I spent 23 years in the corporate world and attended lots of seminars, "universities" etc. I never used the junk they told me. After attending the BootCamp I feel like I've come through purgatory to heaven!"

Jeff Specht, Owner
Mail-N-Copy, Loveland, CO
"My creative juices are flowing and my imagination is on overload! I anticipate a ROI of ten fold in virtually no time by implementing these techniques!"

Diana Polsgrove, Owner
Eventualities, Inc., Louisville, KY
"Jon breeds excitement. He is a combination of marketing guru and Energizer Bunny. Do it! The BootCamp is one of the most valuable events of its type I’ve ever attended."

Beverly Calder, two time BootCamp attendee, Owner
Bella Main Street Market, Baker City, OR
"Be prepared to be entertained, challenged, intrigued, and a bit overwhelmed until you grasp the idea that you don’t have to be a hamster in the wheel anymore. This BootCamp will invigorate your passion, challenge you to solve the problems that have been quietly surfacing in your business and make you realize that you can keep up, stay ahead, and have fun doing it."

Andrea Schafer, President & CEO
Andrea Schafer Public Relations, Parker, CO
"Jon has a unique way of helping a business owner find the true essence of a business impact and then provides easy to follow steps for guaranteed future success! If you attend the BootCamp you'll receive an onslaught of relevant, easy steps to improve your profits immediately."

Shawn Holtel, Owner
Heirlooms of Oldenburg, Oldenburg, IN
"If you are an owner thinking about attending, Do it! Just have them call me!! If you are struggling with your marketing strategies, Jon definitely will help you focus on the most important items to do first – and the steps to get them done. There are so many that I can apply to my business."

Steve Banister, Owner
Artworks, Hanford, CA
"Jon Provides a powerful and practical plan to achieve success in your business. Jon's bootcamp is so good, I have attended it twice. He provides so much valuable information that can immediately be put to use. The format of his bootcamp is very user friendly. A huge binder filled with what is discussed at camp is provided at the beginning. This is yours to take home and I refer to mine often. Our customers notice the difference. "This is my favorite store", "You have great food with a fun atmosphere", and "This is where the magic happens" are just a few customer quotes we have received since returning from Jon's. Since I have returned, I am no longer in that group of business owners with typical excuses like "If only there was more foot traffic downtown" or "If only I had a better location." My only frustration has been with our City and Main Street Program. They passed up the opportunity to bring Jon to town so that all of our businesses could be exposed to Jon's ideas. I can only imagine what changes have occurred in towns that have sent several owners to camp at the same time. "

Karen Korrinda, Executive Director
Boonton, Main Street, Boonton, NJ
"This is an important opportunity to rethink your business model or pieces of your business and learn the tools to make changes needed for the new economy! Come out from behind the counter, get our of your stores stop waiting for the business to come to you and Go to Longmont!"

Gregg Curtis, Owner
The Good Earth Garden Center, Little Rock, AR
"When I was first introduced to the idea of going to the Destination Bootcamp, I thought, yeah maybe there were a few things I could learn and bring back to The Good Earth Garden Center...but most likely, not much since we had our stuff together. After all, our business was winning all kinds of local awards, we had a solid team and were growing. We had a lot going for us and I was focused on those things, thinking we were doing it right. As it turns out, I was immediately amazed at the opportunities we missing! When Jon mentioned other businesses and what they were doing and the opportunities that were being passed up, I realized we had been doing the same. The bootcamp encouraged me to raise the bar; and I hadn't been thinking we were below the bar! Take something as simple as our logo...I hadn't thought much about changing it, it was getting the job done. But during my first paradigm shifting moment, I started re-thinking how it could be utilized. When advertising was discussed, my thinking was shifted away from the traditional specials, sales and coupons to the wow factor. That would not have happened without Destination Bootcamp. My eyes were opened to a whole world of re-invention! Some of the things I learned that still speak to me are 'Saying wow needs to be an art', 'Do the opposite of everyone else', 'No one reads the words', 'If you got it, flaunt it'...and this was just from the advertising part of the bootcamp. I learned that everyone wants to be a destination but I had the opportunity to creatively position my business to actually BE a destination through atmosphere, uniqueness, and attitude. Without Destination Bootcamp, we would not have gone from receiving local awards to national awards such as the Most Revolutionary Garden Center in the Nation as we did this year. And if that isn't eye-opening, what is? "

Karen Corrigan, Manager
Kool & Child, Nanaimo, BC Canada
"The BootCamp provides invaluable information, potent, challenging but worth the effort. Specific tools given in addition to excellent theory. I was sick and tired from the cold medicine but I really was hanging on every word!"

Kristie Wert, Program Manager
Main Street Norwalk, Norwalk, OH
"As a Main Street Manager I have had the opportunity to watch my business owners who attended the BootCamp and I can see the ways that they are energized already, after only one day! I can tell this is making a difference already! This is an incredible model for you to look at your business and pinpoint your weaknesses and strengths. Many of the ideas will not cost you money to implement!"

Jan Horn, Owner
Goosebeary's Village Sampler, Ripon, WI
"This BootCamp is a ‘must do’ if you plan to continue in business in the 21st century. Go for it. The ideas are overwhelming."

Joshua Callister, Director of E-Marketing
A.A. Callister Corp., Salt Lake City, UT
"Jon will enthuse you and empower you to become the business you should be. Your head will swim and your heart will stop, but you will want to be successful and soar with his ideas and plans!"

Sue & Dan Horwath, Owner
Up The Creek Antiques
"We know, without any doubt that we would be nowhere near where we are today had we not had the opportunity to implement your plan for success. Thank you sincerely for all you have done for us."

Joslyn Henson, Owner
e11even, Norton, KS
"I wish I would have come to the BootCamp when I first opened my business!"

Larry Blacketer, Owner
Candlelight & Lamposts, Rockwall, TX
"Jon's real life stories of successful businesses and how they achieved their success gave me many ideas of ways to execute their strategies in my business! An invaluable source of information on how to position your business, market it and maximize your earning (profit) potential."

Tricia Miller, Owner
LiL' Charlies, Batesville, IN
"This the only seminar that ANY kind of small business should attend."

Will Crawford, Owner
Westport General Store, Westport, KY
"Jon nails it down. As a business owner, you know in your soul what needs to be done and Jon gives you the tools to go out and nail it."

Marlene Dickey, Co-Owner
Danish Furniture of Colo. Inc., Longmont, CO
"Run, do not walk! Jon is a breath of fresh air. His ideas and care for the success of each attendee is genuine. His knowledge is far above anyone I have ever listened to!"

Nick Pascarella, President
Nicholas Pascarella & Co., Denville, NJ
"If you have a goal of making your business grow and become more profitable then the BootCamp should be your first Destination!"

Gail Duman, Owner
Barbara Jeans, Baker City, OR
"Get a good night's sleep! You get volumes of knowledge! Everyone in business can benefit from your BootCamp. "

Lucy Dattilo, Owner
Something Simple, Madison, IN
"Bottom line - this BootCamp can save you two of the most important things a small business owner can never have enough of: TIME & MONEY. You will run a much more effective business with these principles."

Renee Butler, Owner
Another Time Soda Fountain, Rosenberg, TX
"I have had a lightbulb come on since attending the BootCamp and I am so excited about my business for the first time!"

Tom Henry, Owner
J. F. Henry, Seattle, WA
"The BootCamp is two days of intense information downloading from an entertaining (Jon) guide. Definitely a brain stimulator. You've provided a thought process which should help any business or company reinvent itself."

Kay Hirai, President
Studio 904 Hair Design, Seattle, WA
"Phenomenal! Every business owner should be here. Quit looking for 'Santa' to fix your business climate. You are in charge of your own business success. Jon was amusing, captivating and presented out-of-the-box marketing and success concepts."

Sara Kerns, Owner
Guild Galleries Interiors & Gifts, Urbana, OH
"Take the time to attend. It’s well worth the effort and time. After 32 years in business, there is still a lot to learn. You won’t be disappointed. I left the BootCamp feeling like I needed to start all over again. It's a great way to broaden your veiw point of the business world, especially the fast changing retail world. It helps to heighten me awareness of the need to re-invent our business."

Carrie Ehresman, Owner
Diner 66 & Triple XXX Family Restaurant
"It’s really a mind-set shift, is what we learned. In the BootCamp, Jon is very specific in providing a road map to make the changes… Really and truly, we haven’t even done one-third of the suggestions Jon’s given us, and we were able to take our business nationally in 3 years, and had our restaurant featured on The Food Network.… If any business owners are considering attending the BootCamp, and you think you cannot afford to be away from your business, I’m telling you, it’s a mistake! You cannot afford not to go."

Marie Perkins, Owner
DaVinci's Gallery & Coffee House, Fremont, OH
"Since our group came to the BootCamp, we have really bonded and our business relationships are now very personal. We no longer talk about a particular by name necessarily but send people to "Julie's Store" or tell our customers to be sure to check out "Donna's shop" across the street. It gives a face to the store or business and lets the customer know that these people are our friends. I think it's been a wonderful addition to the culture of our downtown!"

Gary Fail, Owner
Total Image, Chanute, KS
"I've been to many workshops, schools and seminars aimed at improving my business over the years. Never have I experienced such a comprehensive, well organized and yet entertaining presentation. I appreciate the magnitude of your lifelong dedication to helping the little guy and admire what must be a photographic memory! Thanks so much!"

Regan Young, Owner
RYEBREAD Architects, Mount Holly, NJ
"As the first architect to graduate from the Destination BootCamp, I am eager to apply the lessons not only to help our business clients, but also to help my own firm as well. Although aimed primarily at the retail industry, many of Jon Schallert's strategies and tactics can also be applied to a professional services organization. In this difficult economic landscape, a company needs every advantage it can get. I expect my time spent in Longmont to pay big dividends for RYEBREAD Architects! "

Doug Bessler, Owner
Bessler's Trackside Auto Depot, Batesville, IN
"If you are currently in business OR are thinking about going into business, this is a must-attend seminar. You will learn a wealth of information that will benefit your business immediately! Great Presentation! Hands down, the best seminar I've attended. You can apply what you've learned the minute you leave this seminar."

Linda Hamm, President
Early Work Toy Station
"I would heartily recommend Jon's BootCamp to any retailer who wants to grow their business in today's challenging economy. He is by far the best presenter I have seen in my 25 years of attending retailer seminars. There's no motivational b.s. here, just a clear, entertaining and energizing presentation of ideas that I can immediately start implementing when I get back to my store! BootCamp is the best investment you can make in your business! It's so much more than a business plan-it's a sucess plan! With more concrete ideas to implement than I ever expected to be bringing back to my store!"

Nick Kieffer, Vice President of Business Development
Goshen Chamber of Commerce, Goshen, IN
"Jon's material is priceless! His step-by-step Destination information can, has and will work for any business. As long as you, the owner invest both time and money into it! Round trip and BootCamp fee $1800, information for a successful business-Priceless!!!"

Inger Olsen, Owner
Comfort & Joy, Bethlehem, PA
"Make your reservations today. More useful information than you could ever dream of! By the first break, I already felt I had gotten my money’s worth. If you’re thinking about attending, and struggling with finances, FIND A WAY TO GET HERE!!"

Dian Rennicke, Owner
The Flight Deck Grill, Longmont, CO
"Make time to make a difference in your business, go to the BootCamp!"

Glenn Yost, Owner
Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve, Goshen, KY
"The BootCamp is a ‘Must Do’. No question. It will turn your thinking toward positive change. If you want to be the business leader in your community, you must attend."

Tricia Miller, Owner
Lil' Charlie's, Batesville, IN
"Best spent money I have invested in the past 5 years and I learned it in one day and I have another day to go. 'WOW' – the light bulb went off and I thought of a new marketing strategy for my business. Best investment any owner will make."

Tom Humphrey, Community Development Director
City of Central Point, OR
"If you're serious about moving your business forward, don't balk at spending money to attend the Destination BootCamp. You won't regret your investment."

Becky Walters, Co-Owner
Walters' Pumpkin Patch, Burns, KS
"Ready, Set, Go Sign Up! Jon Schallert takes you from being "Just a business" to being a "Force" in today's marketplace. Following his plan isn't easy, but it does turn the lights on for how to make your business a Destination!"

Mary Ellen Lowe, Owner
Fine Things, Rochester, IN
"Jon has this finger on the pulse of business in America - his techniques are all doable and I believe can make me very successful if I follow his advice."

W. R. Sutton, Owner
The Village Shoppes, Inc., New Carlisle, IN
"Well worth the effort and price – lots of information in a short time. Yes – Yes!"

Stephanie Ramert, President
Round Rock Gardens, Round Rock, TX
"Go! Jon packs a lot of information into the first day alone! Jon points out areas of inadequacy in your business, you know where you need to improve!"

Lori Kirk, Owner
Cowgirl Yarn, Laramie, WY
"The BootCamp is worth your time! Invest in your company and give Jon 2 1/2 days!"

Nicki Sammons, Owner
Hair's To You
"Jon has more knowledge than you could shake a stick at! More stories than Barnes & Knoble and more business advice than Martha Stewart & Oprah combined! All of this is presented in a relaxed and fun atmosphere!"

Bill Oliver, Owner
Sei Mee Tea, Enterprise, OR
"Jon's BootCamp is so packed with useful and specific information, it would be a bargain at twice the price!"

Janice Hill, President
Texas Traditions Home & Office
"You are forced to examine many aspects of your business. The interaction with other business owners and their ideas is very beneficial. There is so much information given that even after 28 years it is like a light bulb illuminates the walkway for the future. Thank you Jon!"

Bill Hibler, Owner
Quidnunc Computers, West Seattle, WA
"It is fully worth it to anyone who wants realistic, workable methods to improve their business. You will learn concrete, practical strategies and tactics."

D'ete Sewell, Owner
Ralph Waldo's Vintage Books, Gainesville, GA
"The Destination BootCamp is a must do! The wheels begin to turn and creative juices start to flow with all the great ideas and practical advice that Jon fills the room with. Wish it lasted 1 week instead of 2 days."

James Siemens, Owner
Cottonwood Quilts, Hutchinson, KS
"Definitely worth the trip! The BootCamp reinforces your "I can do that better" attitude you started with. It expands your thought process and horizons for the promotion of your business!"

Betsy Eckert, Co-Owner
Midtown Mailboxes, Farmville, VA
"Jon gives personalized attention and tips to implement in your business to make immediate changes and improvements! The BootCamp is like a shot of adrenaline for your businesses attitude! "

Taunia Elick, Owner
Texas Ranch Life, Bellville, TX
"You should attend so that you can focus and prioritize all aspects of growing and marketing your business, so you can go back and put these principles into practice! The BootCamp was time and money well spent!"

Hal Greve, Manager
Irwin Potter, Anthony, KS
"You better hope your competition has not attended the BootCamp!"

Dennis Dorrah, Owner
York's Grocery and Sporting Goods, Baker City, OR
"Jon presents a plan, from the ground up. This is a must for an owner or manager who wishes to separate their business from the pack."

Erin Freitas, Owner
Bella Vera Day Spa, Hanford, CA
"I would tell anyone who is considering the BootCamp that it will forever change the way you look at your business. It's a "call to action" you simply have to answer! I'm sure glad I didi and I know my business will be better for it!"

Karie Holmes, Owner
Accents, Signal Mountain, TN
"Jon's enthusiastic and high personality makes everyone feel they can become the Superman of Retail in your area."

Charlotte Smith, Owner
Two Sisters Custom Designs, Panama City, FL
"Come with an open mind and be prepared to have your mind swirling with ideas by the end of the first day! The BootCamp gives you and opportunity to look at, review and get information on your business that you never take the time to attend to on a day to day basis!"

Greg Ehresman, Owner
Triple XXX Restaurant, West Lafayette, IN
"Be the first to sign up for the next BootCamp! Do not wait! This will clarify what you need to do to be a success!"

John Kramb, Owner, Two Time Bootcamp Attendee
Adams County Winery
"This is the second time we have attended the Bootcamp. We came away with as many new ideas as we did the first time! What a great experiance!"

David Carmichael, Owner
Main St. Lanes, Farmville, VA
"The BootCamp is the most comprehensive business development conference available today! Every owner should experience Jon's ideas! It's a great concept that will really open your eyes. It's nice to have all this information in one setting. The BootCamp is much better than any industry conference!"

Bobbi Barrow, Owner
Bank of Memories, Havre de Grace, MD
"More new ideas in two days than I have encountered in almost 14 years in business."

Sarh King, Marketing Director
Metro Lighting, St. Louis, MO
"I highly recommend the BootCamp, especially to give focus and vision to a business!"

Regina Stark, Owner
Stitch Up A Storm, Norton, KS
"Get plenty of rest and be prepared to stretch your brain in a hundred different ways!"

Kiyomi Kioke, Owner
Sei Mee Tea, Enterprise, OR
"This is the best investment we ever made on our business! Why not attend the BootCamp? Bring your partner, that way you'll learn twice as much!"

Regina Stark, Owner
Stitch Up A Storm, Norton, KS
"The BootCamp presents a lot of new information and also makes you look at old information in a different light!"

Ann Cox, Owner
Heavenly Temptations, Boonton, NJ
"Wow...So many ideas it almost makes your head spin, but in a good way. The BootCamp is very motivating and inspiring! Plus the unexpected benefit it the professional relationships and networking circle formed with the other attendees."

Stacey Riechardt, Owner
Ninth Street Cafe', Wheatland, WY
"You won't get this information from any other source, not even through experimental osmosis!"

Jim Grabowski, President
Purewater Pools, Macomb, MI
"The information gleaned from this BootCamp will make your company stand head and shoulders above the competition. I honestly feel that if your company could implement even half of the great ideas presented, you will dominate your market segment! Jon's energy and enthusiasm are contagious. There is no nodding off during his presentation! This information is fantastic, Destination BootCamp must be on every small business owners 'Have to List'!"

Carleen Burch, Owner
Divine Divas, Longmont, CO
"It is a wealth of knowledge covered in 2 1/2 days that all business owners can immediately implement and see results! As a new business owner all of the information is relevant and very useful!"

Dave Warkentin, Executive Director
Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce, WA
"I came up with so many new tangible services for my members as a result of your insight, and tangible benefits are so difficult to come by for Chambers of Commerce. Jon’s workshop is a must. It won’t be a matter of if you get anything out of it, but when you will find the time to do it all. It will help me help our members."

Joe Woody, Co-Owner
Two Tulips, Lafayette, IN
"The BootCamp was invaluable! Cheryl returned with a plan to grow her business and took action to acomplish her goals in the first week back. The BootCamp and the Success Network have produced ideas which have contributed to top and bottom line growth. Cheryl is able to move confidently forward, implementing many of the ideas she took away from the BootCamp and continues to receive through your Success Network! Thanks, Jon for all your help and keep the great ideas coming!"

Jerry Prather, Owner
Kwik Kar of Glen Rose, Glen Rose, TX
"Most of us went into our business because we enjoy our retail items or our services. But not to be a marketing expert! This workshop will get you to the next level!"

Ann Bryan, Owner
Mad Matilda's, Baker City, OR
"There is a wealth of information provided that is very inspirational and Jon conveys the information with enthusiasm, humor, and great examples. You will think about your business with renewed energy and go home with great ideas for your business and your customers."

Allen Showalter, Owner
King Photo Supply, Harrisonburg, VA
"Be prepared to think a lot about your business in different ways than you’ve thought of it before. Without a doubt, you will, learn ways to improve your business."

Paul Kelley, Owner
Longmont Signs, Longmont, CO
"If you are struggling to create an identity for your business you should attend the BootCamp! The BootCamp has inspired me to finally complete my marketing plan which I started almost 5 years ago."

Debbie Adams, Owner
Debbie Adams Photography, Longmont, CO
"It's an intensive workshop that gives business owners an opportunity to learn every aspect of what it takes to have a successful business!"

Julie Haught, Co-Owner
The Java Jar, Torrington, WY
"Come ready to learn and be open to suggestions on how to make your business exciting and successful! The BootCamp is a wealth of information and the follow up will be one of the key factors in making the implementation successful."

Sallie Kashiwa, President
Timbuk Toys, Denver, CO
"You owe it to yourself to become an expert on your business in the areas Jon has identified as being critical to your success. Invest in yourself and get to the BootCamp!"

Kristi Williams, Community Development Director
City of Breckenridge, TX
"I have to tell you that Jon Schallert's recent Destination Boot Camps were by far the most interesting and useful three days I've spent! Jon's retail philosophy is user friendly and can be applied immediately, and he is such a captivating speaker he makes learning easy. I would advise all of you to make the time and set aside the money for upcoming camps! Oh, and retailers that attend DEFINITELY have the edge over those that don't."

Dave Duste, Owner
Dusty's Transmissions, Central Point, OR
"I left with an energized, upbeat feeling. Loved it!"

Bruce Talbott, Owner
Taff Furniture, Batesville, IN
"Book your flights NOW! – Get on board. Every business owner needs to step back and look at their business. Everything in my mind is rolling over and over, in a good way!"

Steve Banister, Owner, Two Time Bootcamp Attendee
Art Work
"Jon provides so much valuable information for the progressive business owner. Even if you only used one thenth of the information provided, you would be productive for months!"

Jeri Brown, Owner
American Games Billiards & Barstools
"You can't afford not to hear this! You'll wonder how anyone could build success without the information you learn about an BootCamp!"

Susan Fairweather
Town of Dillon, Dillon, CO
"You will learn new things you need to be doing to build your business. You will learn about new resources that you had no idea about!"

Gail Saundberg-Douse, Owner
Longmont Yarn, Longmont, CO
"You should definitely attend the BootCamp! It will open your eyes to cutting edge social media and marketing strategies. "

Patricia Harman, Co-Owner
The Java Jar, Torrington, WY
"Come to the BootCamp with an open mind and be prepared to think creatively and out of the box! It takes more than just a desire and a passion to be successful in today's business world. The BootCamp brings new and seasoned business owners together. It offers each owner access to additional resources that can, if used correctly make the needed changes so you can continue to explore the adventures of being your own boss!"

Michelle Smith, Owner & President
Piccolo Mondo Toys, Portland, OR
"Attending Destination Business BootCamp has helped me evaluate my business in ways I had never thought to explore...It was inspirational and insightful! Mr. Schallert provides real life examples of other small business owners that have applied this destination business techniques to take their businesses to the next level. If you want to get new ideas to impact your business, attend this BootCamp!"

Chris Wilson, Executive Director
Main Street McMinnville, McMinnville, TN
"The BootCamp is the chance for every business to refresh and reinvent, among peers that are attending for the same reason. It is a place where ideas freely flow and implementation strategies thrive! Instead of tearing you down with what you aren't doing right, Jon builds you up with what you can achieve!"

Cyndi Martin, Owner
The Copper Kettle
"I was blown away by the amount and quality of informaion I recieved! You have to go! If you think your business can't afford it, thats why you have to go!"

Vickie Lebo, Owner
Interior Designs By Vickie, Logansport, IN
"Go with your eyes and ears open. Be ready to hear things that you don’t want to – but need to. If a business went through this BootCamp and followed your steps – it can’t fail. Wow, Wow, Wow."

Terri Sutherin, Owner
Over The Moon, Steamboat Springs, CO
"The BootCamp is the source for success! Giving business owners the ingredients to begin, to grow, to change, to re-organize and to reinvent their businesses! Undoubtedly the best and most intense education course to prepare new business owners. Also veteran business owners can reinvent themselves!"

Sarah King, Marketing Manager
Metro Lighting, St. Louis, MO
"The BootCamp is an excellent resource for any busy buisness owner because Jon has key, vital resources and implementable ways to take your business to the next level!"

Billie Smith, Owner
Sweet Tooth, Powell, WY
"If you really love your business...you wouldn't be asking me why you should attend the BootCamp. You would have signed up yesterday!"

Jeremy Martinez, Owner
Skowhegan Press, Skowhegan, ME
"The BootCamp has proven to be a tremendous investment for our business. Jon helped me to change the way I look at my business. Jon's perspective enabled us to grow and manage our growth. The tools and knowledge I gained from the BootCamp will continue to benefit our company for years to come. I'd strongly recommend Jon Schallert's BootCamp to anyone who is considering it!"

Karen Grice, Customer Service Specialist
Pee Dee Federal Savings Bank, Marion, SC
"Jon’s Destination Business BootCamp is an information packed, powerful seminar that guarantees to improve your business. We have the ability to 'out do' our competitors in customer service and now, we have the tools."

Dan Horwath, Owner
Up the Creek Antiques, Centralia, WA
"If you are interested in your business, long term, this is indespensible. The material is presented at a pace that makes time fly. With what you learn, you will be able to clearly set yourself apart and develop yourself into an entity of real value."

Terry O'Connor, Owner
Aztalan Fields, LLC, Lake Mills, WI
"Jon Schallert has devoted his life to understanding the challenges of small businesses and has developed a program that shares his knowledge and expertise, solely to help the small businesses succeed!"

Melinda Vitale, Owner
Melinda's Fine Gifts
"You will walk away with so many light bulbs going off that your business is bound to excel!"

Alicia Richins, Marketing / Advertising
Brown and Gold, Laramie, WY
"Any business owner who wants to extend their business to the next level without 'breaking the bank' should come to this Bootcamp."

Tayleene Van Norden, Owner
Scraps, Larned, KS
"This is worth the investment. If you are thinking of opening or starting a business don't think this isn't for you. This will help you avoid many financial pitfalls! You can't afford to miss this and if you are missing it, you are going to never be where you want."

Barbara M. Edds, Executive Director
Discover Downtown La Grange, La Grange, KY
"I think attending the BootCamp is the best money any owner could spend right now! A new perspective is vital if you are struggling or stagnating."

Shannon Haines, Executive Director
Waterville Main Street, Waterville, ME
"You can't afford not to attend! The Bootcamp will give you the inspiration, as well as a solid base of knowledge, to go home and make the changes necessary to become a destination business!"

Lyn Borcherding, Owner
Woofer's Grooming & Goodies, Spanaway, WA
"You want to make your business fresh and fun? If yes the BootCamp will give you the tools you need!"

Ann Mehaffy, Director
Historic Baker City Inc., Baker City, OR
"Definitely great for independent business owners. This is an investment with a big return.The BootCamp is the time to develop an overall view, a strategy, a plan, a vision. You've been so busy with your business, you haven't had the luxury to think about anything but brush fires."

Hope Milner, Owner
New England Gift & Basket, Pointe Claire, Quebec
"The BootCamp’s a terrific overview – wish I had attended in my first 5 years of business. Jon is a knowledgeable and animated speaker. Clearly articulated, excellent presentations. Would highly recommend to others."

Kim Buttram, Director
City of Forney, Forney, TX
"Jon helps you extract your own talents and opportunities you may not have seen but are already there!"

Brian Mathis, Owner
Mathis Battery Company, Dresden, TN
"The BootCamp is worth every penny! You should attend if you are serious about changing things in your business. Be prepared to question and reflect on the way you do business and why!"

Meghan Dickston, Marketing Director
Long Management Services, Seattle, WA
"If you really are serious about making some changes - come with an open mind. You will learn specific, achievable techniques to improve your business that will absolutely work as long as you are committed to try them."

Susan Blanton, President
Pufferbellies Toys and Books
"Not only is the information that Jon presents valuable, but the inspiration and ideas that come from that inspiration are awesome! I am filled to the brim with cool thoughts!"

Ted Miller, Owner
Here Comes The Sun, W. Henrietta, NY
"Be ready to change. You will hear more good ideas in 2 days than you have come up with in 2 years, but when you get back home, you are going to have some work ahead of you. During the creative process and as you participate in brain storming sessions with (Jon), you get the distinct impression that you are receiving the benefits of 1000's of such previous sessions. This session is so rich with ideas, I am sure there are elements deep in my notes that I will pull out and use years from now."

Eric Model, Co-Owner
Sealfons, Summit, NH
"The value you can add to your business is unlimited! The sooner you can get to a Bootcamp the better! My head was spinning with ideas within the first hour. It never stopped spinning and that is definitly a good thing!"

Simon Sokerka, Web Design/Gift Purchasing
Irwin Potter Drug, Anthony, KS
"The BootCamp is a good way to get out of the proverbial box and to get your mind into a creative mindset that opens a flood gate of possibilities!"

Barb Valley, President
Marvelous Mailboxes, Menomonee Falls, WI
"This is a seminar like no other. You will not be disappointed. Jon is easy to listen to, encourages participation and offers sensible comments that make you think. There is not one piece of bad advice in the entire seminar!"

Suzanne Easton, Operations Manager
Auto Insurance America
"The BootCamp really helps to get away from the grind to be able to focus completely on what makes your business special. It made me refocus on some ideas that we can use to jump from "special" to awesome!"

Carol Dodson, Owner
Tis The Season, West Jefferson, NC
"Taking the time to focus totally on your business for 2 1/2 days (away from distraction) is invaluable! The Bootcamp is time and money that you cannot afford Not to spend!"

Todd Johnson, Owner
Tioga Suites Hotel, Chanute, KS
"Attending the BootCamp has been the most valuable time I have ever spent toward ensuring the future success of my business!"

Dennis Dorrah, Owner
York's General Store, Baker City, OR
"I have always encouraged others to take advantage of what Jon teaches and I will continue to do so."

Catherine Infante, Owner
Toys That Teach, New Providence, NJ
"Be prepared to think!"

Theresa Ortega, Owner
Kamikaze Karate, Terre Haute, IN
"If you want to get a whack on the side of the head and kick your business into a higher gear, this is the session to attend."

Dan Dover, Owner
Worland Cleaners, Worland, WY
"I have attended many business motivating meetings throughout the years. But, this one is by far the most inspirational and exciting. Jon makes a point to include all members in the interaction of the class!"

Shayna Sutherin, CEO
Over The Moon, Steamboat Springs, CO
"Go! Plain and simple...If you want the winnebago, then go!"

J Stephen Sadler, CEO
Crumbzz, Forney, TX
"You may think you're reaching your clients but you'll soon learn you're not even close!"

Nan Walvoord, Owner
The Vintage House, Carrollton, TX
"If you want your business to be a Destination, this BootCamp is a must attend! Thanks Jon for the way you laid it all out. Networking has been great!"

Janean B. Hawk, Manager
Painted Valley Inc., Dubois, WY
"You can't go wrong! Even if your business is successful and moving forward, the information in the BootCamp will give you more direction that you can really run with!"

Becky Davis, President, Owner
Family Farm, Inc., Worland, WY
"If you need a 'boost' to your business, great ideas and networking attend a BootCamp. Jon presents in a humorous, realistic way, with ideas that we can all adapt into our businesses!"

Robin Hildebrand, Owner
Blue Smoke Inc., Ansted, WV
"Totally inspiring! Definitely worth your time and effort to attend this BootCamp. The information has helped my business tremendously. Most informative and complete."

Nancy Clarke, Owner
Now That's The Spirit, Littleton, CO
"The information provided in this 2 1/2 day course is priceless for me with starting a new business. The knowledge has given me confidence to move forward. The Bootcamp will increase your motivation, knowledge and creative thinking while having fun learning!"

Jane Daniels, Executive Director
Laramie Main Street Program, Laramie, WY
"Jon Schallerts' Bootcamp is a one-of-a-kind training experiance that will make you rethink your business, in a way that truly makes a difference!"

Bob Ransdell, Partner
Indigo Gallery, Joseph, OR
"Jon's BootCamp forces one to step out of one's comfort zone and take both a long-term perspective and an outsider's perspective."

Eric Talley, Owner
Bubba Rose Buscuit Company, Boonton, NJ
"You should definitely attend! You realize how little you know about what you're doing and you can instantly capitalize on the information."

Gillian Allen-White, General Manager
Grand Central Bakery, Seattle, WA
"I definitely recommend the BootCamp. You've got a great style of presenting smart material."

Katie Carmichael, Owner
The Dressing Room, Farmville, VA
"I feel like I have been sleepwalking through day to day tasks and helping my customers. After the first day of the BootCamp I feel refreshed, excited and optimistic about the changes I need to make!"

Lisa Myers, President
Caper's Home, Seattle, WA
"I would recommend that owners attend the BootCamp if they are looking to grow their company and need a kickstart. It gives you a roadmap to build and distinguish your business."

Carolyn Giessinger, Owner
The Feel Good Shoppe, Milbank, SD
"I was looking to reinvent my business, after speaking with Jon prior to the BootCamp, I knew I needed to attend! "

Jason Golden, Owner
The Lazy Dog, Denver, CO
"Jon’s the Best. Great motivation and marketing secrets!"

Sandra Elliott, Owner
ICA Designs International, Millburn, NJ
"Jon's delivery of vast quantities of information was done concisely and imaginatively. The literature to take back is a fabulous, superior resource to fall back on. A great contact and support in Jon."

Kris Brooks, Co-Owner
The Java Jar, Torrington, WY
"The BootCamp is well worth your time!"

Phil Combs, Real Estate Manager
Lorig Management Services, Seattle, WA
"I would recommend the BootCamp to all business owners as it covers more than 'motivational' thinking and will empower any owner to take action towards better results."

Jim Green, Owner
Pioneer West, Centralia, WA
"The BootCamp gives you an entirely new perspective. You'll no longer feel like you're beating your head against the wall judging your marketing effectiveness."

Rob Carney, CEO
Carpet One, St Louis, MO
"If they are my competition I would tell them it wasn't worth it! Outside of my competition I would highly suggest the Bootcamp. It is well worth it to see where you are and where you are going! It gives you a lot of insight on what to do and what not to do. It helps you take your business to the next level!"

Julie Smothers, Vice President
Ralph's Joy of Living, Fremont, OH
"Attend the BootCamp if you want 21st Century business success! The BootCamp reduced the 'scatter brain' feeling and helped me zone in on what steps to take to grow my business and move it in a specific direction!"

Marie Perkins, Owner
DaVinci's Gallery & Coffee House, Fremont, OH
"Go! We were given lots of information and practical ideas and still had time to focus on our individual businesses. I loved the interaction between the business owners too!"

Patrick Zimmerer, Owner
Table Mountain Vineyards, Torrington, WY
"The BootCamp is great for new start ups and existing businesses alike!"

Connie Strader, Senior Property Manager
Lorig Management Services, Seattle, WA
"Valuable insight and useful tools for real estate professionals."

Ellie Skross, Owner
Annarella, Georgetown, TX
"Go! If you want your business to grow you can't afford to miss Jon! Come - it will challenge and stretch your approach to your business."

Brent Bowyer, President
Independent Photo Imagers, Charleston, WV
"You must attend Jon’s Destination Business BootCamp to win the retail wars of today. You’ll be a guaranteed survivor!"

Leslie Carpenter, Marketing Director
Independent Photo Imagers, Charleston, WV
"Get to Orlando! Do not wait any longer to hear what Jon Schallert has to say...It's more than worth it."

Tom Myslinsky, Owner
Eagle Electronics, New Martinsville, WV
"Jon’s Destination Business BootCamp is the best opportunity to get a kick in the butt and bring your business into the 21st Century. It only remains to be seen whether we will obtain double or triple digit sales gains"

Terry Cook, President
Rocky Mountain Framing & Gallery, Worland, WY
"As a business owner you will receive a multitude of information that has proven success. Making your business a Destination will push you and your business to a level you may have felt impossible, before attending the BootCamp! Years of experience are presented in a 2 1/2 day seminar!"

Dr. Barry Kay, Owner
Hollywood Eyes, Hollywood, FL
"I managed to get at least one new idea from every section of your pyramid. If you want to be a typical/average business, don't go!"

Barb Seefeld, President
Marvelous Mailboxes & More!, Menomonee Falls, WI
"If you want fresh ideas and a new spark for your business, this seminar is a must! Unlike any other seminar I have ever attended!"

Marcia Hartzell, Greenhouse Manager
Reliable Enterprises, Centralia, WA
"I am so pumped up!! This will be a major overhaul of our company."

Sally Brandon, President
The Shepherds Mill, Phillipsburg, KS
"Jon reinforces where my business is weak, then gently steps on my toes to make me change. My mind is whirling!"

Randy LeDuc, President
LeDuc's Service Center, Inc., Centralia, WA
"I highly recommend it. A very adaptable presentation that applies to every business."

Sherry Robinson, President
Robinson Greenhouse, Phillipsburg, KS
"If you want to move forward, expand or just tweak your business, you must attend the BootCamp! It's the kick-in-the-pants I needed to gett me moving forward."

Mike Simon, Owner
The Little Traveler, Geneva, Illinois
"The BootCamp is a great catalyst for making you thing of things you should have already thought of."

Carla & Edson Pereira, Owner
Piglet's Pantry Inc., Mount Dora, FL
"It is an eye opener, it really makes you take a hard look at your business and how you present it. It helped me get excited about my business again! Great opportunity to grow if you view your business as a process"

Cindy Boller, Co-Owner
Destinations, Norton KS
"I can't imagine starting a business without attending the BootCamp. It should be mandatory!"

Lynn Bolden-Moser, Owner
Fson, Norwalk, OH
"You should attend the BootCamp to get the most updated small business techniques and to make you say hmmm..."

Katja Van der loo, CEO
Papyrus Home Design, Boonton, NJ
"The BootCamp provides a new & fresh way of looking at your business as well as a renewed excitement!"

Jacki Blakeman, Owner
Home Slice Artisan Bakery, Dubois, WY
"I feel very empowered like I have never felt about my bakery. The BootCamp has been perfect timing!"

Keith Myers, Co-Owner
Sign-On Enterprises, Burkburnett, TX
"Attending the BootCamp is like going to college...you don't have to do it to be successful, but it helps put you on the fast track to improving your business and taking it to the next level!"

Richard E. Vallon, Director
Burkburnett Chamber of Commerce, Burkburnett, TX
"There is no way a person or a company could not gain tremendously from attending the seminar."

Ivan Brumbaugh, Owner
Main Street Cheese, Lafayette, IN
"If you are interested in taking your business to a new level this is a must! You will learn so much. I started to look at my business with a new set of eyes."

Brad Hamlett, Owner
Bradley's, Knoxville, TN
"I would tell anyone, except my competition to attend the BootCamp. Jon forces you to be a fresh set of eyes looking at your business. You immediately begin to see where your weak points are in running your business and are provided the foundation to fix them."

Bob Hammer, Owner
Fremont Athletic Supply
"Jon answered many questions that I didn't even know I had or didn't know who to ask. The BootCamp is a wealth of information! The BootCamp not only taught an old dog some new tricks but helped to reinforce things that either worked or didn't work and why."

Leo Pueblitz, Owner
Big Hoss Mountain Sports, Laramie, WY
"I've learned what I need to do in order to Rocket Launch my business into success! You must do it!"

Dayna Nixon, Owner
The Colorado Cupboard
"Jon is enlightening, engaging and is giving us information that we believe will help us grow our business. Jon has helped me to understand and verbalize things that I've known need to be accomplished to help my business grow."

Roger Allgeier, President
Brighton Feed & Saddlery, Brighton, CO
"The BootCamp was intensive, fast and thorough. It opens your eyes to problems then offers solutions!"

Ray Reich, BootCamp Attendee
City of Sumter
"In a world where everyday the national retailers are capturing an ever increasing share of the consumer dollar. The Destination BootCamp provides the tools that the independent retailer needs to remain a strong player in their market!"

Connie McColley, Manager
Mountain Made Foundation, Thomas, WV
"Great investment, it will change your life and the way you run your business!"

Chris Cotter, Owner
Urbana Physical Therapy, Urbana, OH
"An unbelievable amount of proven ways to grow a business, you must go!"

Sandy Johnson, Branch Manager
Lifetime Investment Planning, Longmont, CO
"A definite must for retail business owners."

Suzie Regan, Owner
Tucci, Lake Oswego, OR
"Anyone who is interested in the BootCamp, it is truly worth it! Jon is excellent at making you think of who you are, what you do and gives you the steps to take it to the next level in a very fun and exciting way!"

Donna McNemar, Owner
CoCo Beans Candy, Bark Avenue, Fremont, OH
"Every business owner should attend this BootCamp, even if you think you have got it all together!"

Terry Myers, Owner
Kaleidoscope Toys, Round Rock, TX
"You are given the working knowledge of 'how' to make your business better. Be prepared to hear something new and be open-minded."

Debbie Adams, Owner
Debbie Adams Photography, Longmont, CO
"You can't afford not to go to the BootCamp! It's full of great information and stimulating ideas, I feel motivated to take action!"

Doris Brune, Owner
Healing Laser Clinics, Eureka, MO
"Lots of creative ways to stimulate retail business. Helpful ideas for any business!"

Pat Cox, Owner
Heavenly Temptations, Boonton, NJ
"The BootCamp can put you back on the highway when you hit that sales plateau. Jon will be a fantastic resource to bounce ideas off and help us meet our goal."

Kim Turre, Owner
Bra Necessities, Camrose, AB Canada
"Every business owner who wants to evolve and grow their business should attend the BootCamp!"

Ian Morris, Owner
Laugh 'N' Learn, Edmonton, AB Canada
"Terrific ideas come fast and furious on all topics!"

Rod Smith, Seminar Attendee
"I would highly recommend the Bootcamp! It's an entire comprehensive system to better manage and grow a business."

Deanna Davis, Owner
Scentiments, Hanford, CA
"If you want a new fresh mountain of ideas for developing new marketing ideas then the BootCamp is what you need. It absolutely gives you a steady foundation to grow your business on."

Vangie Henry, Owner
Kirby House Restaurant, Abilene, KS
"Intense information geared to helping you advance your business to a Destination entity!"

Becky Reimbold, Owner
Just Goods, South Bend, IN
"If you need help with your business and are serious about doing something, the BootCamp will help!"

Susan Meakem, Owner
Designing Windows, Mercerville, NJ
"The BootCamp will make you think about your business as if you were beginning it that day!"

Lisbeth Schwedler, Store Manager
Treasured Chile, La Grange, KY
"The BootCamp gives you the tools to honk your own horn and get people to listen. The environment is very creatvity inducing and I like the small class size for more one on one help!"

Mats Elmstrom, Owner
Aquafit Spas, Laramie, WY
"You can't go wrong!"

Shaun Nestor, Executive Director
Coffee Bar Companies, Seattle WA
"I would highly recommend the BootCamp, I would even consider sponsoring someone else to come with me again!"

Bette Esposito, Owner
Denim & Daisies
"Your head will spin, but with the most beneficial information that you probably will ever receive!"

Belinda Gibson, Owner
Adornments, Rockwall, TX
"I wish I had this information 6 months to a year ago!"

Susan D Giuere, CEO
Care & Comfort, Waterville, ME
"Thought provoking - stimulating!"

Jen Quaschnik, Owner
Indulge Cupcakes, Puyallup WA
"It is a "must have" experience for every small business owner."

Susie Dyke, Owner
The Grapevine Boutique, Flora, IN
"The BootCamp is such a comprehensive education! Jon covers everything you could think of and more! You've gotta find a way to get here!"

Rebecca Sensenig, Manager
Danish Furniture, Longmont, CO
"It's a comprehensive thought inducing seminar designed to help you step back, evaluate your business and develop strategies to leap ahead."

Renee Butler, Owner
Another Time Soda, Rosenberg, TX
"To market your business you need to use social media and Jon has all the info in a compact but extensive section."

Kenneth Voldek, Owner
Yardgoods Center, Waterville, ME
"A soup to nuts approach to looking at your business. All the informaion you need to take your business to the next level! You'll learn more than you can possibly imagine!"

Jean Sturtevant, Owner
The Clothing Gallery
"If you want to make your business grow you have to attend. It will re-excite you about what you are trying to do!"

Kelly Bolen, Executive Director
Burkburnett Development Corp., Burkburnett, TX
"After attending the business BootCamp for the second time I am even more convinced of the attributes that a small business can attain from attending!"

Robert Cook, President
Awards and Creations, Rockwall, TX
"Jon Schallert will provide you with the information that will carry your business to unbelievable heights."

Amy White, Owner
Almosta Mercantile, Loveland, Colorado
"You're crazy not to attend this BootCamp. This information is invaluable."

Alice Cunningham, Co-Owner
Olympic Hot Tub Co., Seattle WA
"Get ready for an exciting ride. Light bulbs going off all day! Awesome!! Highly recommended - A must! Be prepared to expand your thinking and be prepared to take action."

Barbara Hill, Kids Pointe, Tallahassee, FL
"The BootCamp was very helpful in defining where the business marketing strategies are and where they should be!"

Regan Young, President
RYEBREAD Architects, Mount Holly, NJ
"Jon will give you insights into new options for marketing & growing your business!"

Angie Morelock, Executive Director
Downtown Fremont, Inc, Fremont, OH
"The idea sharing among the different business gives a new insight into how each business can reinvent themselves. It also forces them to critically evaluate current business practices."

David E. Meakem, Owner
Designing Windows, Mercerville, NJ
"The BootCamp changed my attitude. It made me think to the future and I can evaluate what I'm already doing and improve!"

John Shoemaker, Owner
Old Magnolia Trading Co., Wake Forest, NC
"This is the most comprehensive learning experience that I have had for managing and growing my retail business."

Sheila Roberts, Owner
Sign Solutions, Phillipsburg, KS
"The BootCamp empowers you to become a leader in your busienss district and gives you the tools to do what needs to be done to accomplish becoming a destination business!"

Susannah Pitman, Acupuncturist & CEO
Balance Acupuncture Center, Boonton, NJ
"Jon helps remove the blocks that prevent people from realizing their potential and beyond. You will learn things you didn't think you needed to know and you empowered!"

Jessica Talley, Owner
Bubba Rose Buscuit Company, Boonton, NJ
"The BootCamp is worth the time and a very rich wealth of business knowledge from Jon and the other business owners."

Kimberly Shoemaker, Owner
Old Magnolia Trading Co., Wake Forest, NC
"The BootCamp helps you to stand back both physically and emotionally from your business and take a fresh look at it. The BootCamp helps you to look at your business with a fresh eyes and new perspective."

Bill Oliver, Owner
Sei Mee Tea, Enterprise, OR
"The BootCamp forces you to step back from the day-to-day chaos of running a business and rethink what you are doing and how you are doing it."

Stephen Grabowski, President
Optical Fashions, Laramie WY
"The world has changed and retail has changed. This BootCamp will supercharge your business plan and set you apart from your competition like Halley's Comet!"

Christi Foster, Owner
Groovy's, Rockwall, TX
"Some owners like me, need direction and a place to start to get to the next level. This BootCamp gives them the tools to do that."

Simon Sokerka, Web Design/Gift Purchasing
Irwin Potter Drug, Anthony, KS
"I would make sure business owners knew that the BootCamp will bring about a new way of approaching their business and the way they operate it."

Pam Wilson, Owner
"The BootCamp really makes you stop and look at your business. You realize your weaknesses and strengths. Then you can receive assistance on how to build your business!"

John Guerin, President
Coal Creek Coffee, Laramie, WY
"Great way to learn effective business plan strategies!"
EUREKA IDEAS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS: In 2 days, you'll think of more great ideas to grow your business than you ever thought possible. Best of all, the "Eureka" moments continue long after the BootCamp!