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Would you like to help your local businesses in this challenging economy?  Would you like to help them drive more sales and customer traffic to their businesses, while at the same time, turning your city or town into a Destination for consumers, bringing more revenue to your area?  If so, our Community Reinvention Program can help.

Listen to Jon's interview about the Community Reinvention Group from Burkburnett, TX

Our Community Reinvention Program works like this:  Your community sends a group of business owners to Jon Schallert's Destination Business BootCamp in Longmont, Colorado.  Those owners then receive over 20 hours of instruction during his two and one-half day workshop on the principles of becoming a Destination Business.  Your business owners then return to your community, implementing what they've learned in their businesses and helping their fellow business owners.  For six (6) months following the BootCamp, your community's businesses then will receive ongoing consulting assistance, plus Jon will come to your city to present a 90-minute workshop (you only pay his expenses).  Your community receives over $16,000 of no-cost consulting services, plus your business owners learn what it takes to grow their businesses in today's economy!

In order for a community to be eligible for the Community Reinvention Program, there are certain criteria that must be met. These requirements create the needed synergy of multiple business owners critical to Jon’s Destination teachings having an impact on a community and is designed to reward those communities with committed business owners who want to create proactive change in their businesses.  It is a partnership with your community and The Schallert Group, Inc. in implementing Jon's Destination Business principles.  It is not for every community, it is not a “quick-fix” solution that will happen overnight.  Those communities who cannot commit to this Program should instead encourage the businesses in their community to attend the Destination BootCamp on their own, separate from this program.

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The details of this Community Reinvention Program are outlined below:

This is an ongoing month-to-month program.  Organizations, communities, and business owners entering into this program should understand that changing the marketplace of a community and the creation of a Destination Business takes an organized effort, and will involve a series of incremental changes.  The program allows for ongoing follow-up with me in order for a community to achieve its goals of becoming a more powerful Destination marketplace.   

  • The Sponsoring group or community must send a minimum of six (6) different business owners from six (6) different storefront businesses in the same marketplace (downtown, shopping center, or retail market area), plus one (1) Community Coordinator to my 2½ day Destination Business BootCamp.  The Community Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating the application process for each of the businesses, overseeing the implementation of my Destination Principles and will be the central contact for communication with The Schallert Group.  
  • The cost to participate in this Community Reinvention Program is $1,500 per person.  If a community sends the minimum six business owners plus a Community Coordinator, the Registration Fee would be $10,500.  Additional business owners can attend as part of the group at a cost of $1,500 per person. 
  • Approximately 60 days after completion of the 2½ Day BootCamp, I will travel to your community for a follow-up visit.  As part of this 60-day follow-up visit, I will present a 90-minute Branded Marketing session at no speaking cost to your organization, and the entire community is invited to attend.  It is recommended that your organization charge for attendance and all income goes to your group.  
  • Your group is responsible for paying all expenses for this follow-up visit, which may include airline, rental car, mileage, tolls, meals to, from, and at your location, and hotel costs. 
  • While in your community, I will conduct a 45-minute on-site consultation with each business owner who attended the BootCamp at their place of business.  These on-site consultations will be the monthly training for that month of the Program.
  • As a benefit to the sponsoring organization, there will be monthly trainings conducted over a 6-month period following the BootCamp.  Each month during the Program, these trainings will be conducted to reinforce the strategies and tactics taught at the BootCamp, and refocus the group on their ongoing destination development goals.
  • I will review and approve every application of every owner who wishes to attend the Destination Business BootCamp.  I recommend that the businesses you choose be ones that will be able to generate consumer traffic in your marketplace, versus sending professional practice-type businesses (like a lawyer or a doctor), where minimal consumer traffic will be increased.  I also suggest you send businesses that have at least one (1) year of experience.  
  • It is critical that your core group be made up of owners who are decision-makers.  Do not send managers of businesses in your community to attend the BootCamp as part of your Community Reinvention group.  Their application will not be approved.  
  • We limit the number of Community Reinvention groups at each BootCamp.  Every year, we turn away communities who have not sent their Community Reinvention Program Application in to us in a timely manner.  Please do not assume that your group can automatically participate in this Program without completing the necessary paperwork and receiving approval of each of your business owners to attend.

If you have questions about this Program, please call our office at (303) 774-6522. 

The first city to take advantage of this offer was Lafayette, Indiana.  Jon conducted a telephone interview with six business owners from Lafayette after they attended his March, 2003 Destination Business BootCamp in Orlando.  He also interviewed Dennis Carson, the Executive Director of the Lafayette Urban Enterprise Association whose organization paid for the tuition costs for these owners to attend.  Click here to download the written transcript of his interview with Dennis Carson, and learn how his Destination Business BootCamp has changed these businesses and the entire Lafayette community.

LEARN HOW TO CAPTURE MORE CUSTOMERS: You’ll learn how a Destination Business can keep local customers spending locally, while at the same time, pulling customers from outside your demographic marketplace.