BootCamp Graduates Photo Gallery

Congratulations to our First class of 2011!  We had attendees from across the U.S. and Canada.  What a fun group they were!


Congratulations to our final class of 2010.  This was our most diverse class with attendees flying in from all over the U.S., Canada and Australia!

Congratulations to our June BootCamp Graduates!

Here is a Community Reinvention Group from Chanute, KS

Here is our second Community Reinvention Group from Phillipsburg, KS

Congratulations to our March 2010 BootCamp Graduates!

This Community Reinvention Group is from Fremont, OH

Congratulations to our September BootCamp Graduates!  We had 40 attendees from across the country,
including 3 Community Reinvention Program groups!

This Community Reinvention Group is from Hanford, CA This is the 2nd Community Reinvention Group sent from Lafayette, IN This is the 3rd Community Reinvention Group sent from Rockwall, TX

Congratulations to our May 2009 BootCamp Graduates!

 Congratulations to our March 2009 BootCamp Graduates!
This group consisted of 19 business owners and a Community Reinvention Group from Texas.

Here is our first Community Reinvention Group sent from Burkburnett, Texas. 

Congratulations to our September 2008 BootCamp Graduates.

This was our Send 6+1 group from Shelbyville, Tennessee.

Congratulations to our BootCamp Graduates!  We had 15 business owners and managers attend our July 2008 Destination BootCamp, from 10 different states.

We had 29 business owners and managers attend our May 2008 Destination BootCamp, traveling here from North Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Indiana, California, Wyoming, Arizona, and of course, Colorado.  Plus, downtown Puyallup, Washington brought a group of six owners to take advantage of our 6-month, no cost consulting program, the Send 6+1 Program (read about it here).

Congratulations to our March 2008 BootCamp Graduates. 
This group consisted of 22 business owners and two Send 6+1 Groups from Indiana and Texas.

Here are our two Send 6+1 Groups:  Lafayette Indiana (on the left), Rockwall Texas (on the right)







September 2007 BootCamp graduates.  This incredible group consisted of business owners from across the country, from California to Maine; three send 6+1 groups from Wyoming, Texas and Colorado; plus seven graduates.

July 2007 - Longmont, Colorado:  What a group - Just look at the smiles on every one of our attendees' faces!  We had 28 attendees from across the country from Alaska to a group from Maine.  

April 2007 - Orlando, Florida:  Graduates in this BootCamp Class were from every conceivable business, and an enthusiastic group of ten business owners from Burkburnett, Texas, who are participating in our Send 6+1 Program.

September 2006 - Longmont, Colorado:  This was our 1st 2-1/2 day BootCamp, and what a Group!  We had attendees from all across the United States, and 2 communities sent groups for the Send 6+1 Program. 

May 2006 - Orlando, Florida:  This BootCamp class was quite a diverse group from across the U.S. and Canada, plus we enjoyed having five graduates from previous BootCamps re-attend. 

September 2005 - Orlando, Florida:  This class was all individual business owners and service businesses from across the country in attendance. 

April 2005 - Orlando, Florida:  In this class, two "Send 6" groups:  One from Oldham County, Kentucky (who are turning their entire county into a destination), and another group of go-getters from Urbana, Ohio.  Plus, two toy store retailers, one who ended up becoming the poster child for future BootCamps
 (click here to see him in action!).

May 2005 - Portland, Oregon:  Here's the group shot of our Portland BootCampers.  This class proves that it doesn't matter if you are from a big city like Seattle or a small town like Joseph, Oregon, you can apply Destination Principles to any business, in any location.

Here's another photo of our first West Coast BootCamp in Portland, Oregon.  We sold out and turned away people wanting to register.  We had groups from Baker City, Oregon; 14 from the greater Seattle area (sponsored by the City of Seattle's Economic Development Department), and another large contingent from Centralia, Washington.

September 2004:  This BootCamp had "Send 6" groups come from Arkansas City, Kansas and the second Logansport, Indiana group of owners.  Upon their return to their businesses, it was amazing to see the changes these owners made to their businesses and their communities.

March 2004:  This BootCamp was filled with amazing business owners from across the country and Canada!

September 2003:  We had two "Send 6" groups at this BootCamp: one from Hollywood, Florida and the other from Mooresville, North Carolina.  In fact, the group from Mooresville was pulled together by Tracy Hurt, who attended our first BootCamp the year before.  Tracy went back to Mooresville and returned to the BootCamp with 5 other business owners.  Also, Marion, South Carolina had 4 business owners represented, making for another great class of unique business owners. 

This was our Send 6+1 Group from Hollywood, Florida


March 2003:  Our second BootCamp class. In this class, we had our first "Send 6" group of business owners who all came from Lafayette, Indiana (click here to see these pioneer business owners from Lafayette).  The Downtown Lafayette program sponsored these owners, knowing that if owners reinvent their businesses into consumer destinations, and start drawing customers from a greater distance, the entire downtown benefits from the increased traffic and sales tax revenue.
Since that time, we've had cities and towns all over the country send their owners to our BootCamp.

September 2002: Our first Destination Business BootCamp class.  We only had 13 business owners attend. The rest were chamber of commerce officials and downtown directors, wanting to know how to remake their marketplaces. Several owners in this picture attended our Advanced Graduate BootCamp two years later, and many continue to be members of my Destination Success Network, where I consult with owners on an ongoing, month to month basis.

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