Frequently asked questions

Why is being a Destination important?

First, I’m convinced the most profitable businesses will be Consumer Destinations, which is important, if you ever decide to sell your business.  Second, a Destination Business can cause a consumer to willingly go out of their way to spend money with your business, sometimes even hundreds of miles out of their way.  It causes consumers to consciously make a choice to check out your business before they commit to a buying decision.  And in today’s marketplace, one critical key in capturing a customer is to make sure they consider your business versus your competition.  Only then can your business convince them that yours is the BEST place where they should spend their money and commit their time.


If I attend, how is this going to change my business?

What you learn at the BootCamp is an alternative marketing strategy to what you are currently using to pull customers to your business.  Think of it as a new layer of tools and techniques that you can employ that your competitors don’t know.  Most business owners return to their businesses and totally revamp their marketing techniques, but they generally won’t change their basic operations.


What if a superstore attends your BootCamp.  Can they use this Destination strategy?

First, I approve every application of every attendee to the BootCamp.  Superstores and their representatives aren’t allowed to attend.  This workshop is for individual entrepreneurs.  Plus, the tactics I teach can’t be used by national chains, like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and even some franchises because the goal of those businesses is to be similar in their marketing, while the BootCamp teaches a series of business differentiation steps that chains avoid, ignore, and can’t implement.


What if I’m not a retailer?  Will the BootCamp still help me?

Feel free to call to discuss your personal situation.  Retailers obviously benefit, but generally, the BootCamp can help any service-related business or professional practice where a consumer must make a conscious decision among competing goods and services.


Will it help if I own a franchise?

I have had several franchisees attend, and I believe you will learn an entirely different marketing strategy from the one that your franchise has taught you.  In fact, some national franchises have told me that my principles can give franchisees who attend a decided advantage because that business is be able to pull from a greater demographic area.  One franchise vice-president actually told me not to teach their franchisees these tools for that reason!


Why are you the only one teaching this?

First, I was at Hallmark for ten years, and I thought I knew everything there was to learn about Consumer Destinations.  But then, I started my own company over ten years ago, and spoke in hundreds of cities around the country.  And in each city, I would visit 10-15 businesses, talking to owners in their businesses about how their marketing problems and techniques.  Over the years, I realized there was a logical series of steps (14 actually), that create a dominant Consumer Destination.  If someone spends the same number of years and visits thousands of businesses around the country, like I did, they could maybe teach this too.   


How did you create this theory?

It’s not a theory.  The examples you learn about at the BootCamp are actual businesses, often in demographically-challenged areas, pulling consumers to them from hundreds of miles away, consistently beating their competition. 


I go to seminars at buying shows with my manufacturers and national associations.  How come I haven’t heard about this before?

First, only the most progressive manufacturers and associations bring me in to teach these Destination Principles to their distribution networks and members.  Manufacturers bring me in because they know that if individual businesses generate more customer traffic and operate more profitably, they will naturally sell more of their product.  The top associations also bring me in to teach their members, (and if your association hasn’t, tell them they should and to click here to read all of the workshops I conduct).  No association has the time to give me 2 1/2 days to teach my 14-stage Destination strategy.  For that, you have to come to the BootCamp.


I saw one speaker who taught that you should only focus on the immediate 10-minutes around your business.  What do you think?

I disagree.  First, there are more potential customers outside of that 10-minute zone than there are consumers in it.  Second, the top businesses in the country pull from their immediate marketplace and from four other consumer zones (I cover this at the BootCamp). Third, if I can teach you how to capture those customers within 10-minutes, plus a much larger group of consumers outside of that 10-minutes who haven’t heard of your business yet, wouldn’t that be better?


What’s the BootCamp cost and what does it include?

The 2014 BootCamp tuition is $1,395.00, which includes your opening reception on the first evening, breakfast at the hotel for all three days, lunch on Day 1 and 2, plus 2 1/2 days of instruction from me, taking you through my 230+ manual and materials.  Your transportation, hotel lodging, airport transportation to the hotel, and dinners are the main additional expenses. 


Is there a discount to bring a spouse or manager from the same business?
There is a $200.00 discount to bring up to two (2) people from the same business.  So each additional person attending pays $1,195.00. I encourage husband/wife teams to both attend because both partners will take different aspects of learning away from the BootCamp.  As for a manager, you only want to send a manager to the BootCamp if you are totally empowering that person to make changes with your business.  The BootCamp is geared for the decision maker(s) of the business.


Why is the BootCamp only conducted so few times a year?  

The rest of the year I am consulting with individual clients, writing my Destination Business newsletter, coaching clients in my Destination Success Network, and speaking in front of audiences.


Are you the only one teaching it for 2 1/2 days?

Yes.  Just me.  I do let one advertising expert and one Internet expert get up in front of the group for about 30 minutes at the end of Day 1, but otherwise, it’s me, covering the 14-steps of my Destination Strategy.


How big is the class?

Our class size is kept small to ensure a personal learning experience, and so I can assist everyone who attends.  We have never had more than 48 people in a class, in order to ensure a personal experience.


When will the BootCamp be coming to my area?

The BootCamp’s not a typical seminar.  We don’t take it on the road.  Colorado is the perfect site for business owners.  Though I might come to your area to present another workshop, it won’t be the BootCamp.


Can I stay in another hotel besides the BootCamp site hotel?
You can, but you lose a lot of networking time with other owners, and I’m convinced that those people who aren’t in our host hotel learn less.  So, I encourage you to stay at the hotel we’ve chosen.  We’ve negotiated good discounted rates for all attendees at the hotel where the BootCamp is being held.  Once you register for the BootCamp, you will be provided with the number of the hotel to call to make your reservations.  Don’t worry – we reserve a block of rooms for our attendees, so if there’s space available for the BootCamp, you shouldn’t have any problem getting a room at the hotel.  Remember, Step 1:  Register. 

Can I share room with others?
Sure, but I discourage it.  As you work on and think about your business during your time at the BootCamp, you will have a tendency to have "Eureka" revelations about your business at different times.  I think it's beneficial to have your own hotel room, where if you need to, you can wake up in the middle of the night and not disturb anyone else.  We have also had attendees who have roomed together who have snored, coughed at night, and created disruptions to each other's sleep patterns.  I think it is worth the small extra cost to have a private room.

When should I plan to arrive?
Plan to arrive the afternoon or evening before the first day of the BootCamp.  There is an optional Open House the evening before the BootCamp begins from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the hotel.  There is light snack food, but you may still want to go out to eat dinner that evening.

Do I have to come to the first-evening optional get-together?
You don’t have to, but those that do attend, like it.  It allows you to meet me, my staff, and to get to know the group, and the learning starts earlier for those who attend that first evening.

Do you have a list of people who I can call, to find out their experiences of the BootCamp?

Sure.  Just read the testimonials on this site and feel free to call any of them.  There’s almost 200 listed there to choose from.


What is the schedule for the 2 1/2 days?
Check-In is from 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.  The BootCamp begins at 8:00 a.m. sharp.  The first day will go late and you’ll have homework to do that evening. Restaurants are within walking distance for dinner.  Then get a good night's rest, as the second day begins once again at 8:00 a.m. sharp.  The third day begins at 8:00 a.m. and will end around noon, so you can plan a flight to depart early afternoon or evening on the last day. 


What kind of clothes to I need to bring?

The dress for the BootCamp is casual.  The main priority is that you are dressed comfortably.  Be sure to bring a lightweight jacket or sweater to the meeting room, as it takes a little bit the morning of the first day to get the temperature right for everyone, and there may be times where the room is either too hot, or too cold until we get it right for everyone.  I like the room set cooler, so if I were you, I'd bring a jacket.


Will I need a car?

No, not unless you want one.  You can get a shuttle from the Denver International Airport very easily that brings you right to the door of the hotel.  For meals, there are restaurants within walking distance.  You won’t have a lot of time to be going off the BootCamp site just for sight-seeing.  These are 2 1/2 very intensive training days.

Why is there a gerbil out of his cage on the BootCamp website?
That's the BootCamp's logo.  When you are done with the BootCamp, you will have the means to escape the cage that many small business owners find themselves in, where their business has control over them.  It's not supposed to be that way, and I teach you how to change that. 


If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at or call our office at (303) 774-6522.

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